about relationship coaching

about relationship coaching

Maddie has so much compassion and respect for what people are going through; she is a non-judgmental caring coach who honors the wisdom of her clients.
- Hilary

Couples come to relationship coaching to make positive changes in their lives. Every relationship is as unique as the individuals who are in it. Couple's coaching provides an effective means to access what is trying to happen or emerge within a relationship. Working with a relationship coach offers a platform from which a wide variety of issues can be addressed.

Some couples want to improve communication or become more skillful at navigating conflict. Others are looking to increase passion, intimacy, and sex in their life together. Many couples want to learn how to work with their differences, become a better team, or have more fun together. Whether a couple wants to make changes, find their way through relationship challenges, start a new venture together, or prepare for life transitions, a relationship coach can provide tools, skills, and support.

Relationship coaching provides couples with the help they need to consciously design their life together. The relationship coaching movement is growing rapidly as more and more couples choose to play an active role in the development of their relationship. Certified relationship coaches are now trained professionally throughout the world to assist and empower couples to improve the quality of their relationships.

Couples who work with a relationship coach can learn how to:

  • Enhance communication
  • Create more intimacy
  • Have more fun
  • Increase love, passion, and sex
  • Improve teamwork
  • Navigate conflict skillfully
  • Spend more time together
  • Recover from infidelity
  • Manage finances and build wealth
  • Resolve and forgive past hurts
  • Create deeper understanding and appreciation of each other
  • Address life transitions- becoming parents, moving, career, empty nest,    retirement, health
  • Start a new venture together- home, family, recreation, business
  • and more...
  • We have a choice over the quality of our togetherness