Coach Maddie

The success of every business
depends on good teamwork.

Maddie Weinreich Coaching is at the forefront of a new frontier for business growth. For the past 15 years Maddie Weinreich has been a leader in the development of a unique coaching system for business teams. Maddie works specifically with the relationships that exist within organizations. Her proven success now takes her around the globe as she trains teams and coaches in this innovative program.

Strengthening the interpersonal relationships within a business organization is the newest approach to enhancing performance in today's workplace. It is often the missing key that a business is searching for to help create dynamic change.

Coach Maddie understands the importance and benefit of fostering cohesive relationship systems within organizations. After a successful career in senior management and consulting, Maddie started two retail businesses and began making investments in commercial real estate. As these projects became self-sustaining, Maddie decided to explore new avenues for her talents. Maddie saw an oppurtunity to combine her skills as a business consultant and executive coach in the field of human potential.

Through the use of innovative techniques, Maddie helps her clients get to the heart of what they want to accomplish. She creates conditions for open and productive communication so that the real issues are resolved and new pathways for growth can emerge. Maddie also specializes in coaching couples who want to grow their relationships, and works with individuals who would like to make significant changes in their lives.

Maddie is internationally certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Master Certified Coach (MCC). She holds the Organization and Relationship Systems Coach Certification (ORSCC) from CRR Global, where she serves on the faculty. Maddie is a Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC) with Team Coaching International. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Maddie also provides mentoring services and consultation for coaches and other professionals working in the field of relationship growth and development.

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Maddie Weinreich
Master Certified Coach